Our History at a Glance


o 1979 Beginning of the seminar activity of George Balan
o 1981 Founding of the non-profit Musicosophia Association
o 1985 Seat of the Musicosophia School moved to St. Peter in the Black Forest
o 1986 Foundation of the French Association
o 1990 Foundation of the Spanish Association
o 1991 Foundation of the Italian Association
o 1991 Foundation of the charitable Musicosophia Foundation
o 1992 Foundation of Musicosophia-Publishing House
o Since 1992 Training courses in Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands
o Since 1995 educational work with children, parents and teachers
o 2001 Foundation of the Mexican Association
o 2007 Foundation of the Venezuelan Association

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Musik hören und der Mensch blüht auf!
Fortbildung für Menschen in sozialen
und pädagogischen Berufsfeldern
November 2020 – Juli 2021.

Musikhören im Team
Unser beflügelndes Seminar-Angebot.