Video in Memoriam

After completing his studies at the University of Bucharest, he received a position as a lecturer at the Bucharest Conservatory. He taught there until 1977 as a full professor of music aesthetics.

From 1949 George Balan was editor of the well-known music magazine “Contemporanul”. In the sixties, under his direction and moderation, a radio and television series was broadcast on the great composers and on important musical topics. In his broadcasts he emphasized again and again the significance of conscious listening, without which the work of composers and performers could not really be appreciated.

Balan completed intensive studies at the University Lomonosov in Moscow with his doctoral thesis “On the philosophical Content of Music”. In 1970 he completed his studies in Orthodox theology with a dissertation on “The Theology of Love”.

Balan’s work in Romania and abroad was marked by tireless search and research in the fields of music and philosophy. The publication of the results of his research, which he had set out in numerous books and writings in Romania, were continued with undiminished creative power in Germany. Many of his books have since been translated into six languages. In addition to his literary work, he reached a large audience through his numerous public lectures in the great concert halls of Romania. However, his free way of thinking and his courageous statements soon became suspect to the then totalitarian Ceausescu regime.

In 1977, George Balan left his Romanian homeland for political reasons and settled in Germany (Bavaria). In 1979 he received a lectureship at the University of Munich on the topic “The Philosophy of Music”. In the same year he developed the Musicosophia Method and founded the first Musicosophia School in southern Bavaria, to which he gave the name “Brucknerianum” (named after the composer Anton Bruckner). After a stay of four months in the United States in 1985, he moved the School to St. Peter in the Black Forest – in the immediate vicinity of Freiburg – and called it International Musicosophia School, School of conscious Listening to Music. In the same year George Balan received the German citizenship.