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George BalanGeorge Balan, Founder

The International Musicosophia School was founded by the Romanian musicologist and philosopher George Balan (born 1929). He taught for 22 years as a professor of music aesthetics at the Conservatory in Bucharest (Romania) and became widely known as a presenter of radio broadcastings in Romania. In 1977, George Balan left his Romanian homeland for political reasons. In 1979 he settled in remote Sankt Peter in the Black Forest with five collaborators to devote himself to his life’s mission: Musicosophia, the conscious development of that wisdom which lies hidden in the music of the great European masters. Balan calls music a “sounding spiritual science”. His numerous writings and books have been translated into several languages. See also The School > Founder .
Gebhard von Gültlingen, Head of the School and Seminar Instructor

Music came to my life by experiencing Bach and Beethoven with my father and listening to organ hymns in the church. More incidentally than consciously, music became a fundamental part of my youth. In the village trombone choir I got a sense for the pure tone and my listening was trained, but nevertheless I was always in restless expectation before the big event of the music. I wanted to understand.
The last three years before my high school graduation on a Waldorf school provided me with theater, choral and orchestral experiences. A student performance of Bruckner’s Te Deum had shaken me deeply, but I did not understand what was happening to me. Then, the encounter with Rudolf Steiner brought with it a flood of answers – I was now interested in philosophy and great literature. Nevertheless, my soul remained deeply uneasy.
After experiences abroad, working on farms in southern France, building sailing ships in England and months of hiking in the Alps, I was drawn to training as a social worker in the village community Lautenbach on Lake Constance. There was a small chamber choir and I learned to play the traverse flute.
Later I tried for medicine and after a deep existential crisis finally for forestry.
In 1988, I listened to Bach’s St Matthew Passion three times in succession, hoping that a breakthrough would occur. It did not come. It came differently.
I attended a Musicosophia seminar with Hubert Pausinger and experienced Bruckner’s 7th Symphony there. Never in my life have I been so fundamentally shaken as here.
I had arrived!
This was followed by an in-depth study of music and languages with Professor Balan. Since 1990 I have been working as a Musicosophia seminar instructor and permanent collaborator of the school, giving courses in Europe and overseas.
Since 1998, I have been managing director of the Musicosophia Foundation and, together with Hubert Pausinger, responsible for the school, of which I am the sole director since 2014.
E-Mail: gebhard@musicosophia.de

Alvaro Escalante, Seminar instructor
E-Mail: alvaro@musicosophia.de
carola homepage 1Carola Zenetti, Instructor of Seminars and Secretary

For many years I worked as a private music teacher with the subjects early music education, piano and recorder and as a naturopath (classical homeopathy). When I got to know the Musicosophia Method in 2006, this first encounter was so profound that from then on I dedicated myself to conscious listening to music with great passion. With real enthusiasm I went through the training in the Musicosophia School in St. Peter. It soon urged me to put my experiences into practice by organizing courses for adults and children using the Musicosophia Method. It became clear over time that Musicosophia was filling my life more and more. Therefore, in September 2014 I gladly followed the call to the Musicosophia School to join the circle of collaborators and to contribute to the spreading of the conscious listening to music.
E-Mail: carola@musicosophia.de
Maria Karenina Gonzalez, scholarship
Hubert Pausinger-1Hubert Pausinger, Head of musicosophia eV Austria, Seminar instructor

Hubert Pausinger (born 1956), after studying education in Linz / Danube (Austria) and working for several years, dedicated himself to conscious listening to music.

Since 1982 he has been a collaborator of the Musicosophia School. After a thorough education with George Balan, the founder of Musicosophia, he gives numerous seminars and training courses in Germany and abroad.
Musicosophia Publishing House has published several books of Hubert Pausinger dealing with the conscious listening to music. Three of his books have also been published in Italian and Spanish. Hubert Pausinger has been chairman of the non-profit Musicosophia Association since 1996 in Germany.
His varied experiences in his previous professional life gave him the idea to make the method of conscious listening to music available to children. Since 1996 he gives educational seminars in Germany, Italy and Spain for children, parents and teachers. From 2008 to 2010, in collaboration with Musicosophia-México, he accompanied a project supported by the Mexican Ministry of Education for school- and music teachers. On his initiative, groups of friends were organized in Italy and Spain to familiarize children and teachers with the Musicosophia Method.
RenateRenate Lisa Schwab

When I first met Musicosophia on 1st Advent 1983, I was deeply impressed by the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of music even without previous musical education. My enthusiasm for conscious listening to music was so great that in 1984 I joined the Musicosophia Association and began to organize Musicosophia seminars in my Physiotherapy practice in Rastatt. This resulted in a working group that I lead twice a month. Over the years, we have studied many wonderful masterpieces. In addition, for more than 7 years I organized weekly evenings dedicated to conscious listening in the prison in Bühl. The conscious listening to music accompanied the participants in their inner processes, and in this way they experienced the balancing, even beneficial effect of the music of the great masters.

After the completion of the 3-year training cycle of the Musicosophia School in 1992 followed weekend seminars, which I gave in various places, including i. a. Pforzheim, Erzingen and Zurich on behalf of the Musicosophia School. Through my many visits to the Musicosophia seminars, I am constantly gaining new and deep insights into the world of music.


Manfred Lellek

At the beginning of the sixties it began with “A Little Night Music”; I was twelve years old. Since then, classical music has always accompanied me. My Beethoven time lay in the 70’s and in the 80’s practically only Johann Sebastian Bach existed for me. Even though I did not understand much of what I heard, the music has always been a counterbalance to the technical professions I have practiced.

I got to know Musicosophia in 1995 through Hartmut Warm. At first, I was sceptical of dealing with music in such a strange, surprisingly intense way, but it soon became clear to me that this was the path to music I had been looking for such a long time. I will always be grateful for that.

For nine years now I have been giving Musicosophia seminars. It is no secret that instructors learn most by their own courses. Above all, I gain from the encounter with people who are on search, with whom I can experience happy musical moments. Here I have found a wonderful mission.


International Seminar Instructors


  • Kerstin-Angelika Kreft, Hamburg
  • Manfred Lellek, Hamburg
  • Renate Lisa Schwab, Rastatt


  • Eduardo Kronfly, Barcelona
  • Maria Josefa Marugán, San Sebastián
  • Ainhoa Pintos, Hondarribia
  • Francisco Villanueva, San Sebastián


  • Franco Salvini, Paris

  • Manuela Baldessari, Trento
  • Andreina Failo, Trento
  • Luigi Ferraro, Varese
  • Cinzia Fierro, Bologna
  • Elena Gandini, Varese
  • Marina Zago, Piove di Sacco


  • Alvaro Escalante, Cuernavaca
  • Caty Petersen, Tulum
  • Maria de Jesus Carranza Gallardo


  • Margarita González, Caracas
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