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… the art of listening

The International Musicosophia School is the first school which deals exclusively with the conscious listening to music and which is dedicated to the needs of listeners.
It was founded in 1979 by the Romanian musicologist Dr. George Balan. Since 1985 it has its seat in St. Peter in the Black Forest.
Here the Musicosophia Method developed by George Balan is taught. As of 1995 it was extended to the educational field.
The Musicosophia School is run by a community.
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Gebhard von Gültlingen: Head of the School and seminar instructor
Álvaro Escalante: Seminar instructor
Carola Zenetti: Seminar instructor and secretary
Jorge Dzib: Technical Assistant and Secretary

The team of the school introduces itself
The Musicosophia School in St. Peter organizes seminars and training courses worldwide in 9 countries in cooperation with the individual national associations.
There are educational projects in 5 countries: Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela


Gut eingestimmt ins Konzert

Vom 19. bis 20. November 2018
in der VHS Dreisamtal
Anmeldung: VHS Tel.: 07661 / 5821
Kurs-Nummer: ZG21311-P
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