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We live in a hectic noisy world in which ‘having time’ and ‘personal space’ are rare and precious. There is little time to listen to music with our full concentration so that we absorb it deep within ourselves. People however do need this time and space to renew themselves, and to keep up a sense that life has meaning and is worth living. People also need a place that is conducive to experiencing this personal space. Musicosophia offers time, place and space to all participants of its various seminars, courses and congresses. Musicosophia bases itself on a number of premises:

  • Every person is musical by nature; however, people have different ways of experiencing their musicality.
  • Every person listening to music can learn to do this in a participatory and unprejudiced manner.
  • Every act of intensive listening to music will deepen the understanding and experiencing of it.
  • Every deeper understanding of music will result in inner renewal and the preserving of a sense of hope and meaning in life.

Musicosophia offers space for a new way of experiencing music, for conversations and exchange between participants, and for contemplation and spiritual orientation.

If there are no activities in your country yet but
institutions and/or persons have interest in Musicosophia,
please contact us at: musicosophia@musicosophia.com

Herzlich willkommen zum
26. Internationalen Treffen

im Schloss Goldrain in Meran
vom 12. - 16. August 2018
Anmeldung: Tourismus Büro Meran, katrin@smtconsulting.it
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